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Schicke mir jetzt eine unverbindliche Anfrage ... 

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...und komme deinen Zielen ein Stück näher.

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Stuttgart und Umgebung

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  • Why Personal Training at NextLevel?
    Due to the prevailing oversupply of personal trainers, fitness coaches or nutritionists, with hundreds of different opinions, it is often difficult for those who want to take advantage of the service to distinguish quality from nonsense. To describe my philosophy and way of working, I'll use one of my favorite quotes: every next level of your life will demand a different you" Each next stage that you face in your life requires a different version of you. For this reason, small adjustments are always required in the different areas of and within us. Because whoever only does what he has done so far will always get the same result. NextLevel is a holistic training program that supports you in finding yourself (again), realigning and redesigning your life in order to get the best out of you and your body. Four pillars play a decisive role here: 1.) Exercise / Training 2.) Diet 3.) Sleep & Recovery 4.) Breathing & Mindset After a well-founded analysis of your current situation, we develop the right measures for you and put them into practice together. The goal is to develop healthy routines that help you to reach your full potential. My mission is to coach you so far that after our cooperation you can go further without my support, have an understanding of your body and mind and a repertoire of tools to help you stay on your path. That's what I live for. ​
  • What does personal training include?
    ✅ Personal 1 to 1 support ✅ Training tailored to you and your individual needs ✅ Also possible as 2 to 1 partner training (price change) ✅ Private training whether indoors or outdoors ✅ Training plan creation and further training plans for your own training ✅ Individual nutritional advice/nutrition coaching and supplement protocols ✅ Whats app & call for questions
  • What are the differences between support from a professional personal trainer and independent fitness training in the studio?
    Training with a professional personal trainer: ✅ The trainer works full-time and has excellent knowledge and training ✅ Professional & individual customer care ✅ Goal-oriented adaptation of the training to the individual level of performance ✅ Training possible on several devices, without waiting/occupancy times ✅ Fixed training dates for motivation - no excuses not to train! ✅ Individual skinfold measurement, nutritional advice and supplement recommendations ✅ No membership fee or other "hidden" costs (training flat rate)! Work out in the gym: ❌ The trainer usually does not do the job full-time (part-time, €400 basis) and/or does not have in-depth knowledge and know-how ❌ Individual 1 to 1 support for members is not possible ❌ Ready-made training programs & lack of customization to individual needs ❌ Often long waiting times at devices ❌ No fixed training dates and therefore lack of motivation for the training itself ❌ No holistic support beyond pure fitness training ❌ Monthly or weekly membership fee with additional costs (supervision flat rate, drinks flat rate, additional sales)
  • Where does the personal training take place?
    You decide. Whether at home, outdoors or in my partner studio


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